A cosy wine bar in the heart of Copenhagen.
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Welcome to Vinum Historia

All wines are selected based on a single criterion - They must taste GOOD! The goal of opening Vinum Historia is really straightforward. We want to create a place in Copenhagen with a relaxed atmosphere, where you can relax from the hustle and bustle of the day - and enjoy a nice glass of wine at a fair price.

For us, cosiness, quality, TASTE, and service are the most important. We are not formally trained sommeliers, but we guarantee that we do our utmost to make you feel at home and have a great experience. Of course, we will help recommend a nice wine to suit your taste. We will not be able to answer the composition of the soil, or whether there are notes of unicorn in it, but we know what tastes good and may know the good story behind the wine.

In addition to our fantastic wines, we also have snacks, charcuterie, pizza and more. on the menu for the cozy results, as well as Danish beer, and lots of good cocktails :-)

At Vinum there is room for EVERYONE!

Wine, Beer & Cocktails

Our Drinks

Most wines by the glass - wines from all over the world, as long as they taste good.

We offer a menu card of bottled wines.

Danish beer from Krenkerup - we always have Classic and IPA on tap.

Always more than 20 cocktails on the menu.

Wine & Beer

Red Wine

A wide range of red wines from around the world

Rose Wine

A delicious selection of rose wines from around the world.

White Wine

Specially selected whites selected to our liking.



White rum, sugar, zesty lime and cooling soda water.

Espresso martini

Freshly brewed espresso and a dash of coffee liqueur for a real flavour hit.

Gin Hass

Danish Jackdaw gin from Volsted with limonata, mango from Modo and lime.


Danish gin from Volsted - this we serve with the Goldcrest version

Our Own Height Captain

Splice the mainbrace and a barrel of rum (5cl).

Keep the pipe straight in your mouth with this drink, which tastes of raspberries, licorice and lime.

Topped with love that makes Captain Haddock look like a carnival pirate!

And Many More Delicious Cocktails 😊

Charcuterie, Snacks & Pizzas

Our Food

We offer a range of fresh pizzas
a selection of cheeses, meats and snacks including vegetarian options.


Margherita (V)

Fresh mozzarella and tomato.

Vegatale (V)

Tomato, fresh mozzarella, mushroom, onion, paprika, artichoke and olives.


Tomato, fresh mozzarella, pepperoni, mushroom and gorganzola cheese.

Pesto (V)

Tomato, fresh mozzarella, artichoke, spinach, gorganzola cheese and pesto.

Meat Lover

Tomato, fresh mozzarella, ham, Italian sausage and pepperoni.


Tomato, fresh mozzarella, chicken mushroom and jalapenos.

Charcuterie & Snacks

Cheese Selection

A selection of cheese and bread.

Meat Selection

A selection of cured ham, sausage and spicy pepperoni.


A selection of cheese, meat and bread.

Nuts (V)

Salted almonds.


Savoury bacon snacks.

Olives (V)

A bowl of olives.

Private Events
In Our Basement

A perfect venue for groups.

Our basement bar can cater for private events of up to 26 people and is equipped with a sound system, flat screen TV and toilets. We offer a range of drinks and food packages and our dedicated bar staff will be there to ensure your event runs smoothly

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A warm welcome awaits

If you want to reserve a table or host a private event, then you can connect directly with us today and we will be delighted to try and accommodate your requirements.

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Vinum Historia

A cosy wine bar.

Address: Vendersgade 13, 1363 København K

Nearest Station: Nørreport (5 minute walk)

E-mail: info@vinumhistoria.com

Phone: +4531666750

CVR: 41284501